In this special project that you will feel its quality when you just step into the lobby, there are 550 prestigious apartments within a total construction area of 6,723 m2

Low rise Horizontal Architecture

Kuleli Evleri 5ada is a very special living center projected exactly like this. With the low-rise horizontal architecture and special shops that will make your life easier, it is the new apple of Bomonti’s eye.

The center of centers is Bomonti!

Bomonti is affiliated with Şişli district of İstanbul and named after Bomonti Beer Factory founded by Swiss Bomonti Brothers in 1890.It is the location, where the campus of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University is established. Armenians and Georgians constitute a small portion of the city population. Here, there is a historical church belonging to Catholic Georgians and still used by Georgians.Bomonti is one of the first industrial regions of İstanbul.


Bomonti is one of the first industrial regions of İstanbul. It is an area usually consisting of multi-storey apartment buildings and industrial establishments between the Feriköy Fırın Road, which was a residential and apartment district once upon a time, Sıracevizler Street and slopes of Baruthane Creek. The history of the Bomonti Industrial Zone dates back to 1892. After the establishment of the brewery that has given its name to a street, others started to operate. However, depending on the economic development in the country, the industrialization in the region went slow until 1955. The interest of local authorities in the industrial activities here started in 1952. In the Bomonti Industrial Zone, as it used to be before, today the majority of industries does not use heavy raw materials and does not produce heavy goods. However, within the process of change that Bomonti underwent, the industrial sector dominating in the region has also changed. In result of the arrangements and constructions in the last years, appearance of Bomonti has changed and become a remarkable region in İstanbul. The region is favored by real estate investors. It is one of the central spots in Şişli.

We bring back the neighborhood culture that you miss!

How about buying your hot bread from the bakery just below your apartment in the mornings, sipping your coffee with your neighbors in the small and cozy café in the next building in the afternoons or relaxing after a stressful business day in Bomontiada right beside you in the evenings? Then, 5ada is your home. With 5ada, you will feel the neighborhood warmness that you miss.

You are in the center!

Yıldırım Yapı Group, which produces human-focused projects, carries out another project that you can meet your most basic needs from the shops right beside you with 5ada project. The happiest moments with your loved ones are waiting for you in 5ada.

Children are everything for us!

Every child wants to laugh and have fun. As Kuleli Evleri, we have designed 5ada, which will remind you the neighborhood culture again. We bring back the old streets of İstanbul, where our children can play freely in front of their homes.